101 in 1001 Days

101 in 1001 Days
Created by Mackenzie Horan
Starts June 1, 2015
Ends February 26, 2018

Personal (5/5)
1. Get my first job (November 2015)
2. Buy a Lilly Pulitzer agenda (July 2015)
3. Get my license (August 2016)
4. Graduate High School (May 2016)
5. Get accepted into my dream college (2015)

Health (3/14)
6. Run another 5k (June 13, 2015)
7. Run a 10k (June 6, 2015)
8. Run a half-marathon
9. Run a marathon
10. Run in a RunDisney event
11. Be able to do the splits
12. Take a yoga class
13. Do 50 push-ups
14. Hold a plank for 4 minutes
15. Compete in a triathlon
16. Go to a spin class (2017)
17. Bike to Chicago
18. Complete a fitness challenge
19. Complete an obstacle run

Blog (3/22)
20. Collaborate with 5 of my favorite companies
21. Invest in a DSLR camera
22. Attend a blogger conference
23. Reach 5,000 followers on Instagram
24. Reach 2,000 followers on Twitter
25. Do a blogger meet-up
26. Make a blogger best friend
27. Meet 3 blogger friends in person
28. Redesign the blog (November 2015)
29. Go to a networking event
30. Host an event with a brand
31. Host another blog link-up
32. Host another giveaway (July 2015)
33. Publish three "how-to" posts
34. Collaborate on a series with a fellow blogger
35. Buy Photoshop or a similar program
36. Write a blog post about my favorite book/author
37. Buy a custom domain (November 2015)
38. Guest blog for another blog
39. Host a guest blogger
40. Collaborate with a photographer for outfit pics
41. Design & buy blog business cards
42. Figure out SEO

Travel (3/8)
43. Go on a train trip
44. Go on a road trip (July 2015 - Knoxville, TN)
45. Visit Nantucket
46. Visit North or South Carolina (Asheville, NC - January 2017)
47. Visit NYC
48. Visit Maine
49. Visit New Orleans
50. Go to Disney (January 2017)

Faith (0/5)
51. Go on a missions trip
52. Read Psalms
53. Read Proverbs
54. Read Revelation
55. Memorize 10 new Bible verses

Fashion (2/9)
56. Own a Lilly Pulitzer dress
57. Buy a pair of Sperrys (June 2015)
58. Buy a pair of Hunter rain boots or bean boots
59. Buy a pair of Jack Rogers
60. Buy a new pair of running shoes (August 2015)
61. Buy a pair of nude heels
62. Buy something at Vineyard Vines
63. Find the perfect LBD
64. Find the perfect LWD

Entertainment (3/18)
65. Ride on a sailboat
66. Get my nails professionally done
67. Get my hair professionally done
68. Do a 30-day photo challenge
69. Go to a drive-in movie
70. Go on a picnic
71. Go to a fashion show
72. Go to a concert (Ben Rector - 2017)
73. Go berry picking
74. Watch the sunrise
75. Watch the sunset
76. Go to a major sporting event
77. See a movie opening day
78. Start and finish a new TV series (Friends - December 2016)
79. Build a sandcastle
80. Have a spa day with my Mom
81. Play a game of golf
82. Go kayaking/canoeing (August 2015)

Miscellaneous (7/19)
83. Go to a book signing
84. Reread the Harry Potter books
85. Read 40 new books (7/40)
86. Read 5 classic novels
87. Read 5 Biographies (4/5)
88. Join a book club
89. Read for 30 minutes every night for a week
90. Visit a Lilly Pulitzer store (December 2016)
91. Have a pen pal (July 2015)
92. Unplug for 24 hours (June 2015)
93. Redesign my closet
94. Buy a MacBook (August 2016)
95. Send 25 handwritten letters (20/25)
96. Send a care package
97. Complete a random act of kindness (April 2016)
98. Run on a beach (December 2016)
99. Organize my Pinterest boards (November 2015)
100. Try 10 recipes from Pinterest (3/10)
101. Complete this entire list!


  1. Love this link up! Contemplating of doing my own... I strongly suggest you go to a spinning class!! They're so much fun! I try to go as often as possible but sadly time doesn't permit :( Get a guest pass to your local gym and attend with a friend or family member. SO MUCH FUN! Hope you complete most items on your list {they're all awesome}.


    1. You should totally make your own list Daniela!! I know a few friends who have done a spinning class at our local sports center, and they loved it. I'm glad to hear you loved it too:)

  2. I love this idea!! I may just need to create one of these myself! It will be so cool for you to look back on and see how you accomplished so many of your goals!


    1. You should make a list too! I can't wait to keep crossing things off this list:)

  3. Love your list! I need to make one of these myself (probably in the new year!). Let me know if you come to NC- come to Charlotte and you can cross two off your list with one stone!


    1. Your comment just made day Katie!! First things first, you should totally make a list too! And it would be so incredibly fun to come out to NC and meet in person!!:)

  4. Such a fun concept, I've been considering making a list for a while and I think I'm going to do it now! Love your choices :)
    xo Shelby

    1. You should totally make one Shelby! Be sure to let me know when you do, so I can check it out!!

  5. love love love this! I've been blog stalking all night, I'm totally going to make one of these!

    1. I'm so glad that you decided to stop by, good luck on your list!!

  6. How inspiring! So is this a bucket list? And you just take off the ones you have done periodically? That's awesome, congrats. What a great idea. Something to definitely consider, thanks for posting and sharing!

    1. Yes exactly, it's basically a bucket list!!

  7. I love your list and recently have gotten motivate to make my own! I am so excited and motivated to fulfill some of these bucket list items off within the next 2.75 years. I love your list, I am so glad this is a trend.