Monday, September 3, 2018

Where to Shop For Your Dorm Room

Packing for college is a very overwhelming and stressful process. There are so many stores, deals, lists and more to look at. Today I'm here to break down different stores that are great to hit before leaving college, and what items you should look for there!

Bed Bath & Beyond

Back to school season is equatable to Christmas for BB&B. They are a perfect stop for a lot of items for your dorm room. They also have a 20% off all your purchases if you sign up with your school email, which I love!

BB&B is more of the technical stuff than decorations (at least in my opinion). You can find a decent priced fan, makeup mirror, kitchen utensils, drying rack, velvet get the idea. They have a lot of useful items and a lot of name brands. When shopping be sure to price match with Target because they'll have similar items.

*Side note: If you're worried you won't be able to stuff anything more in your car, lots of retailers offer an in-store pickup. So place your order a few days before you move in and you'll be all set to pick it up, this is especially helpful for out-of-state students like yours truly.


Aka my home away from home. I think it's safe to say everyone loves Target, and they have great deals for college students...score! If you don't already download their Cartwheel app for discounts.

I love to look to Target for decor pieces, especially since Joanna Gaines launched her new Hearth & Hand collection. There are lots of cute decor items that you can find her for any color scheme. I would definitely recommend anything from their 'Room Essentials' line, it's on the cheaper side but still good quality. I've bought fairy lights, an ottoman, silverware and more here that was a great deal.


My motto in life is 'When in doubt, check Amazon'. Okay, that's not my life motto, but still, Amazon is the best. Plus you'd be silly to not sign up for your free 6 months of Amazon prime, all you need is your .edu email address, and bam 2-day shipping.

I liked using Amazon for more of my tech-related purchases. For example, I bought my wireless mouse, headphones, computer case, flash drive etc off of here. It's a much better deal and you can't beat free 2-day shipping.


This is one of my favorite stores. As much as I love Target, I can guarantee 2 other girls on your hall will have the same throw pillow as you. But HomeGoods is more a one of a kind place. You can find super cute decor, desk supplies, and also inexpensive kitchen items. The only downside is they aren't online so you have to go in-store, but I think that's part of the fun!


While I have yet to step foot in these icon blue and yellow stores, I have purchased a few items online and watched many hauls to get a gist of the store. I describe it as a less expensive Container Store.

Their prices are perfect for college students. I would highly recommend checking out their plant section, they have lots to choose from (both alive and fake) to bring some greenery into your small dorm space.

Dollar Stores

Last but certainly not least, one of my newest favorite places to shop. Shopping for college is soooo expensive, so it's important to save money where you can.

These dollar stores can be great in theory but remember to look at what quantity of things you're buying, because sometimes it's not a great deal.

I would highly recommend their storage and organization items, they're a great bang for your buck. You can get bins for organizing drawers, makeup organizers, bins, the options are endless. This is such a great option that many people neglect or forget to stop at.

Whew! See what I mean that dorm room shopping can be exhausting! But I hope this helped you a little bit, about where to shop and what to buy at each store. Also don't stress you forget something because you can easily order it or go out and buy it once you get there. 

Stay tuned for more college content!

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