Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What You NEED to Bring to College

Usually, when you think dorm living you think small and cramped. So I wanted to make a post on what is worth bring and what you don't need to bring. This will help you when packing and make sure you don't overpack or forget anything.

This is a two in one product. Because it obviously cools off a room. But it also acts as a noise maker, so if your roommates are getting up early this will help block the noises they make.

Quarters for Laundry
I was scrambling to find quarters before I left for school, I wanted to have a good stash to use for laundry.

In my other post, I mentioned bringing a steamer instead of an iron. It's easy to use (if I can figure it out, I'm certain you can) and takes up less space.

Towel Wrap
These guys were very helpful when I had a community bathroom my freshman year. It velcros at the top, to give you confidence that your towel won't fall down when you're walking to the showers.

Brita Water Filter
My first year I lived in an old building, and the color of the water from the sink was questionable. So instead of having to buy water bottles, make your life simpler by getting a water filter.

Black Out Curtains
This is something I am just now buying for my junior year. I don't know about you guys but when the sun is up that usually means I'm up. It's also great for if you take naps.

Over the Door Mirror
I'd check with your college because on occasions this isn't included in the room. You can buy an inexpensive one from Target or Walmart.

I'm not saying bring 8 different versions of Monopoly, but I brought a few card games that I used pretty frequently. It's a great way to take a study break!

Small Stapler
If you take anything away from this list, let it be this item! I can't tell you how many times the stapler at the library was broken, and I was left rushing to class without a stapled paper which isn't professional. Side note - never ask a prof if they have a stapler you can use.

Mattress Topper
It's no secret that dorm beds are uncomfortable. So getting a mattress topper is an awesome investment. Even though I say investment, it doesn't mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars. I bought mine for $15 from Target.

This can either be a physical planner or if you use Google Calendar, either way, you're not going to remember everything and this helps keep you organized in college.

This isn't essential, because they can be expensive. But it's a great way to make your dorm seem more homey and cozy. It's also perfect if your room is tile, because well tile.

Command Hooks & Washi Tape
Both of these items are perfect for hanging up tapestries, lights, and DIY canvases. You can never have enough of both in my opinion.

That concluded what I think are essentials for everyone's dorm room!
Don't forget my post on what NOT to bring!

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