Tuesday, September 18, 2018

What NOT to Bring to College

If you search the title of this post on YouTube or Pinterest you will get plenty of results. So I looked at all those posts and videos and tried to add things that aren't on everyone's list. I wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty things to help you out as you head off to college. I will also have a 'What You NEED to Bring to College' post, so go bookmark that post and this one to refer to.

I'm going to be a junior this fall so I have learned from trial and error what items that I brought and didn't use or glad I didn't invest in. These can be dependent on your school or what you like but I hope this helps give you an idea of what should maybe stay at home.

Most colleges offer free bikes to students, and they also have on-campus buses. So lugging your nice bike to school isn't necessary. Also, bike theft is more apparent on college campuses unfortunately so don't forget to get a nice bike lock if you do bring a bike.

Iron/Ironing Board
If you checked out my post of things to bring, I put on there a steamer in lieu of an iron. This is the one I have and most other college kids, and it does wonders. It's easy to use and takes up less space.

This is kinda just based on preference, but the ink is so expensive you're better off paying a few cents to print at the library. It's convenient to have your own but you can just plan ahead if you have to print something.

I don't know about y'all but I usually just watch shows exclusively on my laptop. TV's can be expensive, you have to hook them up, and they take up a good bit of space.

Don't get me wrong I'm a total bookworm but I recommend you limit yourself to bring 2-3 books top. Free time really isn't a thing in college so you won't have as much time to read as you think you will.

Bed Risers
Most people don't know but lots of colleges have beds that let you easily loft them up to fit a dresser and more underneath.

*Side note: Be sure to check with your school to make sure certain things are allowed. I brought fairy lights my freshman year and was disappointed when housing told me to take them down. Read through the housing website for any weird items you can't bring.

I had friends across the hall who got a pet fish and forgot about what they would do when they went home for breaks. They aren't the easiest pets to transport. With college comes lots of responsibilities, and adding the responsibility of a pet can be a lot more than people think.

Too Many T-Shirts
One of the greatest perks of college is the number of free t-shirts you will accumulate. So it's not necessary to bring all your high school t-shirts with you, trust me you will have no shortage of t-shirts in a few months.

Chances are you're sharing a room with another person, and they'll be bringing stuff too! So check with your roomie on things like vacuums, rugs, and appliances so you don't bring the same thing.

Sports Gear
I brought a tennis racket, lacrosse stick, frisbee and more with me to school one year and it sat collecting dust. Like I said you don't have much free time and it's most likely that you'll have friends that have these items you can borrow when needed.

I truly hope this helped you in some way to determine what you don't need in your dorm room! It's a very difficult task to pack for college, so I encourage you to stay subscribed to my blog and YouTube channel for more college tips, hacks & advice!

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