Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Fours 3.23

Phew! It's finally Friday, the week after spring break or any break that matter seems to last forever. Not much too exciting to report regarding this week. I had a big test yesterday and studying was all I had time for these past few days. With only five-ish weeks left of spring semester, the workload is crazy! I'm hoping to wake up early tomorrow, head to our local coffee shop, and be productive! That being said, I still had a few things that caught my eye this week.

This moisturizer from Neutrogena is so good! They released this new line, and I want to try other products. I shared more of my thoughts over on my InstaStories. If you aren't already following me I'll help you out, just click here!

This next thing is a recent purchase. I bought these adorable Steve Madden slide-on shoes. I managed to pick them up for only $35 from TJMaxx aka where my paychecks go. Also look out because I'm posting a video & blog post featuring them tomorrow!

I couldn't help myself but put another pair of shoes on this list. I have had my eye on these blush pink Adidas shoes for so long now. I think they are the CUTEST thing I've laid my eyes on!

Last but certainly not least is 'The Everygirl'. I mentioned one of their posts the other week. I kind of describe it as a blog/website for everything. They have great contributors creating unique and fresh content. I always look to them or Lauren Conrad for some blog or just life inspiration! They both earned a bookmark on my browser, that's the real deal!

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