Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How I Organize & Schedule Posts

The blog has been pretty quiet with new content, which may have something to do with fall classes starting just a week ago. Being a college blogger is more difficult than anticipated, with trying to juggle classes, studying, working out, eating, sleeping, and blogging it can be a little bit overwhelming. My freshman year I learned what works best for me and what doesn't when it comes to making sure I'm posting consistently and still involved in the blogging community.

1. Find a time to blog.
This can be much easier said than done. But it's all about finding an afternoon or morning that you can schedule in on your planner that is just for drafting blog and social media post. Go to your local coffee shop plug up some Ed Sheeran and go to town.

2. Tackle your emails.
If we're being honest there is nothing more I detest than emails. It's a never-ending task that can seem to take up an inordinate amount of time. So I like to schedule in times that I tackle (I'm really excited for football) my inbox. This keeps me from looking at emails and forgetting to respond, the struggle is real y'all.

3. Schedule posts.
I waited so long before I put some money into a program that'll help you with this. There have been many days when I almost forget to post an Instagram photo. Which may not sound like the end of the world but it's crucial to maintain a consistent schedule. So that's why I took to getting Viraltag, a tool that allows you to schedule unlimited posts on all major social networks including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest. It's connected with Google Drive, which is perfect since the bulk of my blog photos are stored there.
4. Have backup posts.
I always try to have blog posts that I have saved that I can whip out if I'm having a big test week or I'm not able to get any posts written. It gives you a little cushion if something comes up and keeps you from writing new content.

5. Set up a posting schedule.
This isn't necessarily a must, but it makes such a big difference. If you pick two or three specific days that you're going to post you'll have a better attempt and keeping up with it. For the school year, I only post twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturdays. This helps me have a deadline since blogging is a mostly self-motivated hobby and business.

This process isn't perfect and won't guarantee consistency, but as the cliche whatever you put in you get out and the same goes for blogging. Life happens and sometimes things get in the way, but don't let that dictate your blog because it'll show in scarce and not lengthy posts.

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