Saturday, August 12, 2017

Back to College: 6 Dorm Room Move-In Tips

I remember how anxious I was on the drive down to college. The 12-hour drive, intermittent with stops for BBQ in Memphis, a photo-op with a with a massive Superman replica, and hysteria because being stuck in a jam-packed car can do that to you, was fun but nerve-wracking. There were a few tips I picked up during move-in day that I hope will help y'all with your big move-in!

1. Labeling is your best friend
It always helps to know what's where so break out your Sharpie and go to town.

2. Bring water
Y'all fixate this into your brain. You are going to be going up and down stairs for what seems like days and will need something to help with the inevitable parchedness. Plus no matter where you go to school, it'll probably be 108 degrees outside with 1,000% humidity, so stay hydrated! Also snacks. Snacks are always a good idea.

3. Dress accordingly
Trust me, I know that you're wanting to make a good impression on your future neighbors and roommate. But you do not want to overdo it on the makeup or outfit. You're going to be walking and lifting things and you're going to be sweating. So I would reach for your tank tops and Chacos for this one. Also unless you are super woman and can wear your hair down under all weather conditions, I would suggest putting your hair up or braiding it. Anything that'll keep it out of your face.

4. Clean everything
These dorm rooms have seen no action in months, they're covered in dust and spider webs and should be Lysol-ed, dusted, and vacuumed. Remember that you know where all your cleaning supplies are and ready to whip them out!

5. Move furniture
Dorm rooms usually come with beds, desks, dressers, and sometimes fridges. You can easily check this with your college's website. If you haven't already, you and your roommate can figure out how you want the layout to look.

6. Start unpacking
And so it begins! There's no rhyme or reason to how you unpack, it's all up to you and what makes the most sense. My parents and I divided and conquered and were able to unpack almost everything. Take advantage of your family or friends who came along who offered to help unpack.

This is going to be a long day, there's no denying it! But once you're done with everything you'll feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulder, and are ready to start your college career!

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