Thursday, July 20, 2017

Birmingham, AL Bucket List

Just the other week my friend and traveled to Tuscaloosa, AL for the day, and it managed to get me into a travel kick. The past few weeks I have been watching so many travel vlogs, and pinning lots of travel pins on Pinterest. As much as I'd love to travel internationally, I also think there are many cool & unique cities in the states that are waiting to be explored! 

One of those just so happens to be Birmingham, AL. I have a few blogger friends there, and it's only a three-hour drive from my college town. Fingers crossed I can make a trip there before classes start. With that in mind, I decided to make a bucket list of places I hope to go to while there!


Hampton Inn & Suites in Birmingham-Downtown-Tutwiler: The outside of this hotel looks like it belongs in France! It would be so pretty for events or weddings.

Redmont Hotel: This is one of my favorite, surprise surprise because it's a boutique hotel. It's also prime location by being in downtown Birmingham.

Westin: This is such a cute place, definitely more pricey but once again it's got a great location.


Urban Cookhouse: Its tagline is 'farm to table' which is super cute! It said it was tailored towards college kids, so...

El Barrio: The options of Mexican here in Starkville is lacking, and your girl LOVES Mexican. Okay so I may be talking about Qdoba but still, it's been too long.  

Big Spoon Creamery: Dessert time, my favorite time! With it being National Ice Cream Month I had to add this adorable ice cream place to my list. It looks so Instagram-worthy!


Birmingham Botanical Gardens: I think this would be one of my first stops. I have seen so many blogger friends take photos here and it looks beautiful!

Shops of Grand River: Had to include a shopping center, so predictable! But I'm deprived of good shopping in Starkville so when I'm near civilization I take full advantage!

Birmingham Zoo: I haven't been to a zoo in the longest time. I had a friend who went here this past school year, and maybe I'll make a trip there soon.

Historic Stops: Birmingham is full of history, which I love. I read Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'Letter to Birmingham' and would love to visit the historical marker.

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