Thursday, June 29, 2017

7 Must Have Shoes for College

Dorm rooms are infamous for having limited space, and shoes can easily start to take over your minuscule closet. As a shoe connoisseur, I have fell victim to this many times. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of the shoes every college girl will need and use in her wardrobe!

1. Shower Shoes: These are probably the most crucial pair of shoes you will need for surviving college. The horror stories of community showers can be true so grab a cheap pair of flip flops, or maybe 10!

2. Slippers: Is anyone else weird and hate NOT wearing socks around the house? Well, problem solved, you can just slip on some slippers. (Low-key just realized that's why they call them slippers *face palm!) But these are an easy thing to slip on when you're in your dorm or apartment or to use when you have to go do the incessant task that is laundry.

3. Basic Flats: I've had disdain towards flats, but I have learned that if you're needing to put a 'business casual' look together, flats are the best way to finish the look. They're more practical than heels but still look professional.

4. Gym Shoes: I personally can't seem to own enough gym shoes, as a runner I put so many miles on them. Also just walking to and from class you want to be comfortable!

5. Sandals: Y'all Chacos are the best investment I have yet to make as a college student! Aside from the hideous yet comical tan lines they can produce, they're the perfect pair of shoes for those hot days. They are MUCH less cringe-worthy than Tevas (sorry!) Or Birkenstocks are a popular selection, I have many friends who love them to death!

6. Rain/Snow Boots: No matter what college you end up at, you're going to experience your fair share of nasty weather. It's best to combat those days with a cute pair of rain, snow, or duck boots.

7. Fancy Heels/Wedges: Of course, you're going to be needing a cute pair of shoes for well, must you need an excuse?

I hope you found this helpful! Look out for more college posts!


  1. I didn't bring hunter boots with me to college the first year I went. Boy was I sorry! they save my life in boston winters!


  2. That's too many shoes for me, but again I'm not college age. However, I'm love with the wedges. I especially like the Arturo one.

  3. I so agree that all these are great options for college. I found that at FSU cute bootie wedges were my go-to for going out and then sneaks for class. And of course I always regretted when I didn't have rain boots and it poured lol.