Monday, October 31, 2016

Freshman Year Dorm Room Tour

It has been a long time coming since I wrote a blog post, and I have dearly missed blogging. I still have yet to find a good time to get some blogging done with my busy schedule, but I'm not going to use any more excuses. My goal is to get out at least two posts a week. We'll see how it goes! Without further ado I'm excited to be sharing y'all my dorm room. I really liked out it turned out, and it's crazy because my friend and I are already talking about getting an apartment next year! Also let me know if you want to see a more in-depth dorm tour in the form of a video!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall Favorites from Madewell Under $100

Today is the first day that it's actually starting to feel like fall here in Mississippi. Yet I'm still rocking a t-shirt and shorts...probably because I never check the weather before I head out to go to class. I'm sharing a few of my favorite fall pieces from Madewell today, let me know which piece is your favorite. I personally saved the best for last!