Thursday, September 1, 2016

August Recap & Favorites

Another month...another recap! I normally say that the months blew by, but this particular month has seemed to drag on. It's been a stressful month with trying to get adjusted to college. Let me know in the comments down below for any back to school/college blog posts you'd like to see. Also a dorm room haul on my YouTube channel might just be in your future.

I've got my football tickets and can't wait for the season to start! Which means fall is just around the corner, I have been dreaming of leaves and scarves these past few days!

My Favorite TV Shows:

The Vampire Diaries: I have finally gotten back to watching, and it's sooo good!

Hart of Dixie: I just started this the other day, but I am hooked. I want to move to their adorable little southern town.

My Favorite Songs:

Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

Waiting On The World To Change by John Mayer

Oh, Tonight by Josh Abbott Band

Drift Away by Uncle Kracker

My Favorite Links:

I LOVE Mackenzie's College Apartment Tour

Katie writes a letter to FreshmenSophomores & Juniors


  1. I think I have said it before but I am Obsessed w. Hart of Dixie-Wade-OMG!
    Any who, I hope your Freshman Yr. is off to a great start!

    1. WADE...swoon! It's such an addicting show!!

  2. "Uptown Girl" is one of my favorite Billy Joel songs! Hope that you're getting adjusted to college life (I'd love to see a sort of "college misconceptions" post about some of the things you've experienced)!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

    1. It's so fun & catchy! That's a great post idea, thank for the suggestion Tori!!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring me, Sydney! Hope you're having a great time at college so far!