Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Recap & Favorites

Another whole month is now gone! Time really does seem to fly by. This past month has been consumed with school, homework, and of course ping pong. I think I might have a slight obsession, but the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?! Also I've been trying to get back into playing piano, since my dorm room has a piano in the lobby!

My Favorite Quotes

"That's all I have to say about that." -Forrest Gump

"As you wish." -Princess Bride

My Favorite Songs

Blue Ain't Your Color by Keith Urban

Treasure by Bruno Mars

A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope

My Wishlist

I've been wanting some cowboy boots...these are cute.

Love these sunglasses!

Getting gameday ready with these pieces...herehere & here.

My Favorite Links

Dorothy's apartment tour is adorable!

Sami helps you out with all things Instagram.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall DIYs to Try

Just a warning that this introduction will have pretty much nothing to do with this post, but let's go! So it all started Thursday night when my friend and I decided we were going to learn how to play ping pong and actually get good at it. Then came Friday night when we played for 8 hours straight until 3am. It was intense! In total this weekend we played 17.5 hours of ping pong, I think we could be the next Forrest Gumps. Maybe... That was the majority of my weekend, let me know what y'all did for yours in the comments. Oh and here are some cute diys you can make for fall, while you're at it be sure to give me a follow on Pinterest. I just hit 1K! Woot woot! Also while we're on the topic I'm almost to 1K on Twitter I'll just subtly link that right HERE! Let's get into these diys!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Favorites from LOFT

The inspiration for this post was that in my Accounting class yesterday, the girl in front of me was shopping at LOFT. It made me realize how long it's been since I've added things to my cart, just wishing the balance would come out to zero. You can always dream...

It may be the color that drew me to this dress, after all it would be perfect for Gameday! But I also love the simplicity and the cute bow at the neckline.

I don't know why but I still have yet to own any chambray, but I totally love the look of it!

Two words - pockets & fringe!

I've always wished I lived on a beach so I could pull this off!

I was instantly drawn to this jacket, plus I love how they paired it with the chambray pants!


How darling are these flats! The nude color makes them so versatile.

I've always wanted to have a bucket bag, this one is a great price for the quality at $49.88.

This bag would be perfect for fall and winter with the suede flap!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Special Day Crates Unboxing

Happy Gameday y'all! Today Mississippi State is playing South Carolina; hopefully,we can pull our offense together, maybe make some third down conversions, and come up with a win. I'm bringing you an unboxing of one of the Special Day Crates, you can either make a customizable crate or pick a pre-made one. It's such a cute idea, and I love that it comes in a crate that you can use to store things in. Let's see what was all in it!

The Little Black Book of Chocolate


Thursday, September 8, 2016

6 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

Y’all have always heard how beneficial it is to drink water. It keeps your skin looking young and clear, decreases fatigue, and it helps you burn fat. I always see it on people New Year’s Resolutions, which I’m totally guilty of. Which is why I’m sharing a few simple ways to drink more water everyday.

1. Skip the Pop
I always make a point to only drink something besides water during breakfast. Other than that I avoid pop, soda, coke or whatever y’all call it where you’re from. It’s a simple way to ensure you drink water at every meal.

2. Use an app
Nowadays everything is online. You can even get an app to track all the amount of water that you drink. It’s a free and easy way to keep up with how many glasses you’ve had.

3. Bring a water bottle everywhere
Especially after coming to the South for college, I always make a point to bring a water bottle with me wherever I go. It’s a great reminder to stay hydrated.

4. Use a marked water bottle
Though I’ve never used this method, I’ve had plenty of friends who have found it successful. Just take a water bottle and mark on it different times of day that you should finish drinking a certain amount of water.

5. Use a straw
This is so relatable, but studies have shown that people drink more water when using a straw. Seriously, just try it out!

6. Add some flavor!
It’s always fun to add some fruit-infused water into your routine. I’ve been loving the Define Bottle that uses Tritan plastic. While the bottle may look likes it’s made of glass, it’s actually just plastic which makes it that much lighter to bring around campus. I also love that Tritan plastic is BPA free, which is always important to me when it comes to water bottles. Y’all can go ahead and follow Tritan on all their social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

This post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.
Monday, September 5, 2016

Dorm Room Haul

This post is much delayed, as I've already been in my dorm for quite some time. But I thought I'd still share some of the items I picked up for my dorm room!

Frame: TJMaxx // Scissors: TJMaxx

Clipboard: Hobby Lobby

ID Case: Lilly Pulitzer // Planner: Lilly Pulitzer


Throw Blanket: JCPenney

Thursday, September 1, 2016

August Recap & Favorites

Another month...another recap! I normally say that the months blew by, but this particular month has seemed to drag on. It's been a stressful month with trying to get adjusted to college. Let me know in the comments down below for any back to school/college blog posts you'd like to see. Also a dorm room haul on my YouTube channel might just be in your future.

I've got my football tickets and can't wait for the season to start! Which means fall is just around the corner, I have been dreaming of leaves and scarves these past few days!

My Favorite TV Shows:

The Vampire Diaries: I have finally gotten back to watching, and it's sooo good!

Hart of Dixie: I just started this the other day, but I am hooked. I want to move to their adorable little southern town.

My Favorite Songs:

Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

Waiting On The World To Change by John Mayer

Oh, Tonight by Josh Abbott Band

Drift Away by Uncle Kracker

My Favorite Links:

I LOVE Mackenzie's College Apartment Tour

Katie writes a letter to FreshmenSophomores & Juniors