Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dorm Room Inspiration

The other day I had posted some Gallery Wall Inspiration, since I've been planning my dorm room I've decided to make a cute little gallery wall beside my bed. I got a lot of great feedback, so I wanted to create a culmination of some of my favorite dorm rooms I've found on Pinterest. (Follow my college board here.)

My two main dorm colors are going to be white & navy, go figure! And my accent colors will be turquoise & gold, I'm excited to share y'all to final product. I'll be posting dorm room hauls & tours within the next few weeks, so be sure to follow along and subscribe to my blog. I've also started a YouTube channel recently where I'll be posting corresponding videos!

Ole Miss Dorm Room : Black Gold Tiffany Pink Dorm Room | Sorority and Dorm Room Bedding:

Dorm bedding- make your own headboard and bed skirt with the same fabric to pull it all together!:

Dorm room!:

Auburn University dorm room:

My daughter's dorm at Ole Miss!:

Dorm room:

Dorm room decorating idea:

cute dorm room!:

Dorm room:

Dream dorm?:

get student discounts on dorm decor at Discounts I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS ONE

Anything out of this room @erinkegerreis it even has an E on the wall....destiny? haha:

cozy dorm room decor ~ we ❤ this!

Making the most out of a dorm room ... while on a budget! It IS possible!:

Preptista: Dorm Room Tour:

Dorm room:

Joanna Gaines' of Magnolia Home, a multifaceted design business in Waco, Texas, recently demonstrated how to make a dorm room your own. You'll see that she outfitted one half of a shared bedroom in her signature shabby chic style. Her ideas are so cute, you'll want to steal them for your own home!:

dorm at Ole Miss:

Are you headed off to college this fall? What's your color scheme!!


  1. Your color scheme sounds so cute! I can't wait to see pictures of the final product!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

  2. These dorms are adorable! I wish I managed to keep mine so neat haha. Just subscribed to your YouTube channel!

    Lauren //

    1. Haha, we'll see how it goes! Thanks Lauren!!

  3. Decorating my dorm was one of the things I was looking forward to the msot when I went to college!! These are just too cute!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  4. I like looking at dorm room inspiration!! That's one thing to look forward to about school starting! Lol

    Itunu x

    1. It's definitely something to look forward to!

  5. These dorms are super cute! Definitely got some inspiration from them.

    Yvanne |