Saturday, April 9, 2016

Afternoon Tea with YouTuber Kim Adams

It has been the longest time since I have made one of these posts, but I wanted to continue this series. If you're not familiar (check out the past posts here, here & here) but in this series I interview influential people whether they be fellow bloggers, companies, or in this case a YouTuber. I am so happy to be sharing this interview with one of my favorite YouTubers, Kim Adams. She is just the cutest, I can't wait to share her answers with y'all, enjoy!

What made you want to start YouTube?
I started on YouTube when I was in middle school and I was first starting to experiment with makeup. I saw YouTubers like Kandee Jonhson and was super impressed! I knew right away that I wanted to do something similar.

What's your favorite part of being apart of the YouTube community?
YouTube has made me so much more confident and driven. I went through a really tough time in high school were I felt very insecure and unsure of myself. YouTube helped me get out of that funk. I had thousands of people who cared about me and were interested in what I was doing - it's still so surreal to me! I've also made a lot of friends through YouTube, both other YouTubers as well as my subscribers/viewers. One of my best friends and I met because we both make videos and we were from the same home town. Now she's my "Big" in my sorority! It's just unreal how life works out.

What's your favorite time to film videos? (Back to School? Christmas? Halloween?)
I love Back to School videos! Partially because the weather is still warm enough to film outside in Michigan, but I also love fall in general so I always look forward to filming back to school fashion videos. I love doing hauls and organization videos around this time. They're such a blast and they make going back to school not seem so bad!

How do you find inspiration for your videos?
I find inspiration everywhere. A lot of times my friends and subscribers will tell me what kinds of videos they'd like to see. Other times I'll be trying to fall asleep at night and an idea will come to me. It's really just a little bit of everything.

How do you balance school with YouTube?
This is something that's extremely difficult. This year I joined a sorority, I'm working 25+ hours a week (which is less than the 40-ish I was working at the beginning of last semester), I volunteer with a couple of different organizations, and I'm taking 5 classes. It's a lot. Yesterday I worked for 9 hours, had a job interview 30 minutes away for a second job for the summer, ate dinner, worked on painting a banner for a sorority event from 7 pm to 2 am, then came home and worked on lesson plans for my classes from 2 am to 8 am. Two cans of Red Bull, a few tears, and 40 minutes of sleep total. It's definitely a lot, but I love it. I thrive on being busy so it ends up working out fairly well. I've learned to manage my time and put everything into my planner! I don't make videos as much as I wish I could because realistically it's just not an option, but I think I do fairly well!

Thanks again to Kim for letting me interview her!

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and your plans will succeed.
Proverbs 16:3


  1. Cool to know about her.
    Seems like a great catchup.

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  2. I love Kim's videos and it was so nice to get to read about her!
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  3. pretty cool!-Katelyn

  4. How does she do it?! Wow! What a busy schedule! It's great she still makes time for a hobby! XO, Sarah | |

    1. It's crazy how busy she is! Props to her for managing everything so well!

  5. Great feature, lady! Balancing all that must be crazy for Kim!

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