Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Things To Do On Staycation

As you are reading this I am currently on Spring Break, touring colleges. If you aren't already you can add me on Snapchat (@anchoreditsouth) to follow along on my trip! Even though I'm not home for break, I still wanted to share a few ideas & activities that y'all who are having a staycation can do. Let me know what you did or plan on doing for spring break!

Get crafting
It's about time you try DIYing all those pins on your Pinterest account that you said you would make. Plus this is always a fun way to pass the time, and make some new room decor pieces.

Go on a Picnic
Grab some friends, a blanket, and some yummy food and enjoy! If the weather isn't too picnic-worthy, host a picnic in your living room, it'll still be just as fun!

Visit a local museum
Living just outside of Chicago, I sometimes forget how fortunate I am to be so close to so many amazing museums. (If you're in town I recommend the Science & Industry Museum!) Even if you aren't close to a big city, I'm sure that your town or a neighboring one will have a cool museum for you to explore.

Spa Day
This is always a great option, especially if you aren't granted with any warm weather where you live. I know I need to give myself a pedicure before sandal season!

Day Trip
Even though you're having a staycation, that doesn't mean you can't venture out or explore. I think it's so fun to pick a town near you and just go window shopping or grab something to eat.

I don't think I say this enough, but I love to read! Although things can get in the way sometimes, and I don't pick up a book for months. I am planning on going to the library today to pick up some books for our little roadtrip!

Be Outside
I love that I grew up in an outdoorsy family, from camping to fishing, we do it all! Even if outdoors for you means reading a book in a hammock, go for it. Enjoy the fresh air!

These are just a few ideas of how you can spend your staycation. Even if you are leaving town or staying home I hope you have a lovely Spring Break!

The grass withers & flowers fade,
but the word of the Lord stands forever.
Isaiah 40:8


  1. These are such great staycation ideas! I definitely want to treat myself to a spa day after reading this list.

    1. You can never go wrong with a spa day!

  2. I decided to wait until after AP exams in May to do some college touring because I know campuses are jam-packed right now. All of these ideas are perfect for Spring Break! Although I've been playing lots of tennis and got a much needed mani-pedi, a "spa day" sounds delightful!


    1. Tennis sounds like a blast! It was definitely difficult getting into campus tours, but everything ended working out perfectly!!