Friday, February 12, 2016

14 Ideas For Galentine's Day

you win some, you lose some... these are my best and worst valentine's day dates:

This is the first year that I discovered what a 'Galentine's Day' is! It was inspired by Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, who hosts a brunch for her and her friends every February 13th. I think it is such a fun concept, and I though I'd share some ideas for how to spend this Saturday with some of your friends!

Brunch // Brunch is one the greatest inventions ever, I am craving scrambled eggs as we speak.

Movie Marathon // I have two words for you...Troy Bolton.

DIY Day // This is the perfect day to break out all those diys on Pinterest you have wanted to try out and give them a go.

Spa Day // Mani-pedis and facials sounds like a perfect evening.

Have a photoshoot // After you create some cute diy props, why not test them out with a fun photoshoot with friends.

Shopping Spree // Whether you are just window shopping or shopping till you drop, shopping is always more fun with others.

Bake // The possibilities are endless.

Karaoke Night // Now is the perfect time to belt out those songs from HSM.

Mini Road Trip // You don't have to drive across the country for a fun road trip, you can visit a town a few hours away from home.

Make Scrapbooks // I used to love scrap-booking when I was younger, and who says you can't do it now?

Tie Dye // Tie Dying is actually very simple and easy to do, just accumulate the materials and you'll be ready to go.

Play mini golf // Get dressed up with your friends (need some outfit inspiration check out my post here) and have a fun night out on the town playing none other than mini golf.

Have a bonfire // enough said.

Nothing // Sometimes it is fun to not have anything planned when you're hanging with friends...spontaneity at its finest.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
Proverbs 3:5


  1. What a lovely post. These are activities you can do if you are 5 or 90 or anything inbetween! How lovely. Thank you for the ideas. How did Galentine's Day come about? I have never heard about it before ... But I would love to do and will do as soon as possible : bonfire, mini road trip, baking, shopping, series/movie marathon AND my favourite a spa day! Woohooo!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you have a lovely Galentine's Day!!

  2. Brunch and a photoshoot sound perfect! I just might have to do this on Valentine's Day!
    Rebecca xo

  3. A Karaoke Night and a bonfire sounds like AMAZING ideas, Sydney! I don't think I've ever thought about them for V Das but I'm definitely thinking of them now. Perhaps next year, haha!

    May | THE MAYDEN | bloglovin'

    1. Haha!! Any occasion is perfect for a bonfire!

  4. i love this!! #galentinesday who knew?! your love for HSM kills me! haha i would make another suggestion too: teen beach (i know you're singing "cruisin for a bruisin" lol). spa day is a given. i mean, if your face has not been exfoliated and your nails have not been painted, did #galentinesday even happen? also, brunch is good but pizza is better. what the heck, have both! haha

    great post! i enjoyed reading!

    choose to make today great!
    xo- jessica
    IG: polishedandpumped
    SNAP: polished.pumped

    1. I am not gonna lie when I say that "Cruisin for a Bruisin" is now stuck in my head! And now I'm craving pizza!! Hope you have a lovely Galentine's Day Jessica!

  5. Such great ideas! Love all the galentines day celebrations.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style