Friday, November 20, 2015

Why Bloggers Need Snapchat

I am so glad that I finally got a new phone, to replace the scrap of metal that I had before. I had my phone for about five years and mustered up my inner lawyer and convinced my dad to let me get an upgrade. My phone could have starred in its very own horror movie, because I'm guaranteed that it was possessed. I was only able to open a few apps, thank the heavens Instagram was included in that selected list, and on a good day I was able to send a text message. I know, first world problem.

If you're still reading after that big long spiel, I grant you with a mental high five, Barney Stinson style!

Unfortunately, one of several apps that weren't functioning on my old phone included Snapchat. With my new phone I am excited to be using Snapchat in order to help promote my blog again. Here's a few reasons why I think bloggers should consider setting up a Snapchat account. Aside from making rainbows come out of your mouth, using Snapchat can provide a unique platform to interact with other bloggers and readers.

Behind the Scenes

I have briefly touched on this before, about the 'perfect' image that people try to portray of themselves on social media, especially Instagram. I love how Snapchat provides a behind the scenes look, if you will of our everyday lives. Our stories on Snapchat are unstaged and provide the not so glamorous side of blogging.

Strip It Down

So I thought this would be the perfect way to interject one of Luke Bryan's songs in this post. Anyway, just the other day I was watching on e of my favorite YouTuber's videos, Meredith or Southernbelle606. Her video was entitled as the Stripped Down Challenge. For this video challenge she talked for ten minutes straight about everything and anything. She then wasn't allowed to edit her video over the parts where she messed up her words or when she got distracted. The whole idea of the video challenge was to show that YouTubers are not perfect and that they make mistakes. While blogging and YouTube are very different, there are also some similarities. Both of us all can sometimes feel the need to be a perfectionist within the media. That is one of my favorite aspects of Snapchat. It shows me wearing sweatpants that I've owned since freshman year, or a photo of my sitting on my bed on my phone at three in the afternoon. It reveals the stripped down, real me!

It's Simple

Unlike taking an Instagram photo, or a picture for my blog, my Snapchats are never staged. If I'm at Target, which I usually am most of the week, and I see a cute Christmas onesie I just take a quick snap and bam, I'm done! There is a lot less pressure on Snapchat, which makes it fun and super easy to add pictures on it.


I have always found that I have the longest conversations with other bloggers on Snapchat. Whether it be about the beauty that is Costco or our favorite ice cream flavor. I enjoy getting to know my fellow bloggers more and more through this app!


As most social media platforms do, they offer a promotional aspect for your blog. It can be as simple as showing a quick sneak preview of tomorrow's post or letting everyone know you just posted. It's a quick and easy way to promote your blog.

I almost forgot! My Snapchat username is: @anchoreditsouth

Do you have a Snapchat? What are your thoughts on it?

Be sure to comment down below your username so we can all connect!


  1. I need to get back into Snapchatting. I loved finding another outlet to really connect with my readers. Meredith's video was so good. I love that challenge that Jonah created.

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

    1. I know, it was such a great and unique idea!

  2. These are actually great tips. My Snapchats are usually funny (and not so funny) moments of my life, so I think it allows me to show who the real me is. Also, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE your new blog design. Love love love it!

    Ane | Basque Prep

    1. Thank you so much Ane, I'm so happy you like the new design!!:)

  3. Snapchat is one of my favorite blogger social medias; I just wish I had more time to use it!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

    1. Me too, it's a great tool for blogging!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I have been thinking of making a Snapchat for my blog (I don't have a personal one) but I have been on the fence about it!


    1. You should definitely consider it, I love connect with other bloggers with it!

  5. I love having a Snapchat for my blog because it gives people a little glimpse of what my actual day is like! The only downside is having to log in and out of my personal Snapchat. Sydney, I know you already have me as one of your Snap friends, but if anyone else wants to add me, my username is"reallytrulyruth"!

    - Ruth S. |

  6. i love snapchat as well, it's awesome to get a glimpse of what everyone's lives are actually like!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. I definitely agree, it's so fun to follow other people!