Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#FallSyllabus with Warby Parker

Happy fall, y'all! I am very exciting to be helping promote Warby Parker's New 2015 Fall Collection of eyeglasses. If you are not familiar with Warby Parker, they are a company that designs stylish glasses. In case y'all didn't know I've been wearing glasses since fourth grade. When I was younger I was subscribed to the American Girl magazine, and I remember a story of a girl who was afraid to wear her new glasses. She didn't think that being able to read the white board was worth being called "Four-Eyes." After picking out a cute pair of frames she bravely wore them to school the next day. All of her friends complimented them and no one made fun of her or called her names. Glasses, while functional, can also be used as a a fashion statement. Warby Parker allows you to make that statement. I wanted to incorporate fall into this post, so I've designed several outfits that you could wear for different fall activities. Each outfit could be easily styled with a pair of glasses. I hope y'all enjoy this post almost as much as enjoyed creating it!

Apple Picking

My favorite fall scents at Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle are always the apple scents! I love apples and have no idea how I have never been apple picking. When (not if!) I go, I will definitely be wearing something similar to this outfit. I love layering and you can't go wrong with a cute pair of booties.

Try out these:

Eyeglasses - Winston in Antique Shale Fade
Eyeglasses - Barnett in Toffee Fade

Jump Into Leaves

Please don't tell me that I'm the only one would goes out of my way to step on crunchy leaves. It's one of my favorite sounds, along with the sound of cleats, waterfalls, and horse's hooves. We have a big front and backyard so the piles of leaves that accumulate are huge. My siblings and I always have to act like we're six again and make a running start before jumping into the leaf piles.

Try out these:
Eyeglasses - Winston in Antique Shale Fade
Eyeglasses - Clark in Scarlet Tortoise


Hayrides are so fun and peaceful. I love this look because it's a bit dressy but also super comfortable. Plus it includes all the fall colors that I love; maroon, olive, gray, and black!

Try out these:
Eyeglasses - Gilbert in Scarlet Tortoise
Eyeglasses - Simone in Tea Rose Fade

Bake Pies

A few weeks ago we had our annual Pie Cake Run for cross country. It's where each athlete bakes a pie or cake and decorates it elaborately. After everyone runs a timed three mile trial (not as bad as it sounds) we each pick a different pie or cake to bring home! For this run I made my personal favorite pie, a Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Pie. It made me so pumped and ready for fall and all the delicious food and desserts!

Try out these:
Eyeglasses - Morris in Oak Barrel
Eyeglasses - Gilbert in Scarlet Tortoise


A little while ago my dad was backing up in our driveway and accidentally ran over our fire pit. Unfortunately, it is no longer with us. It's okay though because Amazon really does have everything, and he quickly ordered one just in  time for fall. I love ending a day outside in our backyard, in front of the fire roasting marshmallows!

Try out these:
Eyeglasses - Caspar in Harvest Fade
Eyeglasses - Clark in Scarlet Tortoise

Another unique feature that Warby Parker offers an At-Home Try On, for any five pair of frames you'd like to try out. They will mail you the box, with free shipping both ways!

Do you wear glasses, or are you blessed with 20/20 vision?! What are your favorite fall activities?What do you love most about fall? I'd love to hear what you have to say down in the comments!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Currently Craving

I've been so excited for fall fashion and sweater weather, it's my favorite season! Even though it has been eighties and sunny this week I am still dreaming of the day when I can wear sweaters and scarves and boots!


Also stay tuned for an exciting post tomorrow!
Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Summer to Fall Transition Outfits Inspiration

Summer to Fall Transition 1

One of the first things that pop into my head when I hear fall (besides college football) is plaid! They just remind me of cooler weather, apple cider, and pumpkin picking.

Summer to Fall Transition 2

T-shirt dresses, swing dresses, or whatever you want to call them have been a huge trend lately. This royal blue dress is perfect paired with a vest or chambray shirt in this case for the fall season.
Summer to Fall Transition 3

I just knew I had to make an outfit around these chestnut Minnetonka moccasins, because they scream fall to me. I always get a new pair of their slippers every year because I always wear them out to much.

I hope these outfits helped you gain some inspiration for those awkward in-between summer and fall days. The fall is my absolute favorite season, and I can't wait to break out the boots and sweaters!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tips for Newbie Bloggers

Today I am very exciting to be publishing the first post in a brand new blog series all about blogging. I thought a lot about topics for different posts. As I was brainstorming I realized that I am clearly no expert on this topic. I decided to reach out to some of my favorite bloggers and compile some of their profound advice to share with y'all. I hope this inspires you to start a blog, because there shouldn't be anything holding you back. Blogging has been an amazing experience from me, and while it is hard work it is definitely worth it!

Katie of A Touch of Teal
As a new blogger, blogging was a very introverted activity for me. I would write my blog post at home, and only interact with the blogging community by commenting on other people's blogs. But, I didn't really leave meaningful comments or take the time to get to know anyone I was talking to via comments. Then, about six months through my blogging journey, I began following fellow DC bloggers on Twitter and eventually reached out to one for drinks. We met up and really clicked, and she started inviting me to other blogging events in the city. Once I began interacting with other bloggers, blogging became a very social hobby and I love it even more now. I have a community that supports me and my blog, but also friends to bounce ideas off of. The best part? When we go out to dinner, no one things your weird when you need to move things around for the perfect staged Instagram ;].

-Consistency is key! Posting at the exact same time and day each week has helped immensely with growing my readership and brand connections over the past year. 
-Your main focus shouldn't just be your blog. Be focused on your social channels just as much. I wish I had done that a lot sooner!
-Write about what you love. There were so many times when I first started my blog that I had no idea if I should write about what was popular or what I truly enjoyed. People love people with passion and if you create content consisting about what you truly enjoy, then others with the same passion will notice over time. 
-With that being said, learn about SEO! From a more technical side, optimizing my posts along with consistent posting has increased my readership over a much shorter period of time. It may seem daunting at first, but a great resource to learn about it is through
-Lastly, be patient! It takes years to grow a steady and loyal following, but if you're consistent and passionate about what you love, others will notice.

My advice to new bloggers is follow a lot of other blogs for inspiration, this is an easy way to figure out what type of posts you want to make, but make them in your own way with that inspiration in mind. Be consistent with your posts, and just post content that you love!

As for advice for new bloggers I would say never give up on your blog & your vision. Being a blogger is hard work because it isn't a career you can just apply for, but rather it is a career you have to make yourself. It can be really hard working on your blog and not seeing results in terms of followers, engagement or likes. It is especially in the beginning when blogging can seem overwhelming and frustrating. 
However your blog grows with you, so believe in yourself, your ideas & your blog! When you believe you can do something, you usually end up doing it! My overall advice is don't give up on your 'blogging dreams'! You can do it if you put your mind to it!

Laura of Bright and Beautiful
Network, network, network. As much as blogging happens behind the screen, it's also about real life interactions. Build as many friendships and networks as possible. Join a local blogging community or association. Attend events in your area. Invite another blogger to chat over coffee. Introduce yourself to potential partners. Follow-up with thank you notes. And be nice to everyone (always!).

Kathryn of The Sugared Lemon
Hello! I’m Kathryn and I run the fashionable lifestyle website, The Sugared Lemon. No matter what kind of blog you want to run, it’s important to set yourself apart by branding yourself and be consistent with your brand when making a post. Choose a blog name and saying that goes with it to reiterate to your audience what your blog stands for. Use Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to promote your blog and use the same name with all of them. I have even started using Periscope on my vacations for live feeds for my audience to view and follow along. Last but definitely not least, be your true self when deciding how you want to define your brand. By doing so, it will be easier to be consistent with your postings and your followers will appreciate that!

Darcy of A Memory of Us
Remember that every day is a chance for a first time visitor". This is important because you want every post to be something you're proud of, not something you just threw together. With pinterest, tumblr, etc. it is definitely possible that your post from 7 months ago will be the way someone will stumble across your blog for the first time. Make them want to stay and keep reading. Produce content you are proud of every day.

Angela of Head to Toe Chic
My biggest piece of advice when it comes to blogging has to do with pictures. It's so important to make sure that your pictures are big, bright, and clear! When I first started blogging I used pictures that were so small that you couldn't see any details of my outfit. I also like for my pictures to be the same width so that everything looks cohesive. You can edit the size of your pictures on the HTML side of your blog post if you use Blogger.

Thanks again to these lovely ladies for contributing their input and I hope this helps all of you out there starting a blog, or if you haven't you definitely should!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pinterest Dream Home Tag

I was so excited when I opened up my email to find that Katie of Chic in Carolina, one of my favorite bloggers, nominated me for the Pinterest Dream Home Tag. I, of course, jumped on the opportunity seeing as I love everything Pinterest and home related. The only problem was picking only a few pictures to show. Feel free to see the rest of my pins and boards on my Pinterest account!


I love this house so much that I have pinned it several times on Pinterest, and
it's on my Instagram feed.

Really praying our retirement house will have a lovely porch to relax on. Love the gray floor and white furniture:

I have always dreamed of having a huge porch with rocking chairs, where I can sit and read or maybe blog with a cold iced tea in my hand!

Farmhouse Touches Love this entryway...Very inviting:

I love these stairs, and I can just imagine decorating them with garland for the holidays (I know I'm getting ahead of myself)!!

Dutch door that would lead to the back yard. I think yes.:

I also liked this unique door and how can you not love those beautiful stairs!

Love this white kitchen with lots of farmhouse flair including the rolling barn wood door, chalkboard wall and double lanterns over the large island - part of the Eclectic Home Tour of Yellow Prairie Interiors

I love to cook and bake so having a big and inviting kitchen is a must. I also love the big chalkboard that you could write weekly Bible verses or your grocery list on.

In place of the original dark and dated kitchen, Chip and Jo designed a new dining room with two new sets of french doors. They also incorporated nice built ins that were painted _____ for extra storage and character. To update this new room, Joanna added fresh paint and new light fixtures that were made to look old. Her goal was to make space for the family to enjoy meals together and with friends.:

If you haven't noticed by now I love distressed wood, especially in the form of a dining room table.

Living room design by Ally Whalen. Waking up and having morning coffee in a space like this seems like it would be a little slice of heaven...:

Fireplaces always seem to make a room cozier, and I really liked the stone details and the neutrals used in this room.

lovely mix #naturalcurtaincompany #bathroomcurtains #bathroomblinds:

Holy bathroom! I am in love with everything in this room. From the cute hand soap to the decorative flooring to the gorgeous wall color.

How to plank a bathroom ceiling with pine planks - full tutorial via

This bathroom feels a bit more modern with the sink and the vanity. But it also has farmhouse touches like the old license plates, the distressed ladder, and the hanging basket.

Mudroom.  Dark paint.  English farmhouse feel?:

This isn't the biggest mudroom, but I think they did I could job of using the space they had. I love the color of the built-in and the texture of the stone wall on the left.

Cute ironing board hanger idea, (plus DIY Farmhouse Light with Chicken Wire by The Wood Grain Cottage):

This laundry room is super clean and fresh and still continues to include farmhouse details that I love.

Great headboard- could do with pallets. Love the colors in this room, nice and neutral.:

This headboard is one of a kind and a major focal point in the room. It looks super cozy and comfortable in here!

37 Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas that Inspire | DigsDigs:

I'm not going to lie, one of the main reasons I included this photo was because of the rocking chair. Can you say obsessed?

Zolderoplossingen - Farmhouse Home Photos: Find Farmhouse Style and Country Decor Online:

I've always had a place in my heart for small little nooks, and this one is no exception. I love the couch with the window, and the storage for maybe books.

A must-see makeover! Check out the transformation of this gorgeous home office decorated with vintage finds and tons of farmhouse charm at

I have always dreamed of having my own desk, let alone my own office. This gorgeous office space is definitely somewhere I could see myself working or blogging.

new-garden in my next home.  I'm done with the pick ax and all the clay soil!  I'm going to do raised beds and buy black dirt... like the stuff in the midwest that's full of worms and moisture and you get for free!:

When I say I want a farmhouse, I mean I want a FARMhouse. I love animals and I've always wanted to have my own farm and garden in my backyard. I'm not taking hundreds of animals, but maybe a few chickens, pigs, or even some horses!:)

Thanks again to Katie for the nomination! If you make the tag, let me know I'd love to see it! I nominate EVERYONE:)


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

White After Labor Day

White After Labor Day #1

White After Labor Day #2

White After Labor Day #3

Can anyone tell me why this tradition of not being allowed to white after labor day began? Why neglect to wear those pair of white skinny jeans that match everything you own, just because a holiday has passed? I say wear what you want, I will definitely continue to be wearing white!