Thursday, August 27, 2015

#BloggerBTS: Back to School DIYs Inspiration

DIY Painted Back-to-School Pencils ~ Fun personalized gift for your kids going back to school

6) Love this for back to school! The kiddos can personalize their homework and art stations, and everything gets a home. #momselect #backtoschool

Credit to @/fabuloustutorials on instagram, cute idea for the front of a notebook or something similar

27 Creative and Fun DIY Back to School Ideas.  Good ideas, but no directions or list of materials.

When looking to spruce up some boring school supplies, what better place to look for inspiration that Pinterest?! I hope you enjoy or even try out some of these DIYS for #BloggerBTS Linkup hosted by Cathleen and Nicole. I just bought a 24-pack of pencils that will most definitely be finding themselves covered in washi tape soon:)



  1. Washi Tape was probably the best thing ever invented in the eyes of us organizers... Definitely worth a try!

    Tori A. from Prep For A Day

    1. Target has me hooked on washi tape, they have so many fun colors/prints!

  2. I love the notebook! Very Tumblr, in my opinion! I need to do that for one of my notebooks or binders.

    - Cat -

    1. I totally agree, I will definitely be trying it out on some of my notebooks!



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